Kiyo Terauchi

Kiyo Terauchi (寺 (てら) 内 (うち) きよ Terauchi Kiyo?) is a servant of the Butterfly Mansion.


Kiyo is a girl with light skin and a set of circular, black eyes. She has shoulder-length black hair with thin bangs framing her face, along with two pink butterfly clips on each side of her head.

Kiyo wears a long, white nurse dress tied with a dark, reddish-pink bow around her waist. She also sports white socks and shoes.



After her family had been killed by Demons, Kiyo was taken in by the Butterfly Mansion.[1]

Rehabilitation Training Arc

Mugen Train Arc

Entertainment District Arc

Abilities and Powers



  • (To Tanjiro) “There is a dimentional distance between those who can do it and those who cannot.”[2]