Kozo Kanamori

Kozo Kanamori (鉄 (か) 穴 (な) 森 (もり) 鋼 (こう) 蔵 (ぞう) Kanamori Kozo?) is a swordsmith affiliated with the Demon Slayer Corps.


Kozo is a man of average height and build with chin-length black hair that spikes near the ends. His hands are covered in visible blisters and he wears a Hyottoko mask over his face.

Kozo is usually seen wearing a long, pale robe with a black haori.


Kozo appears as a gentle, soft-spoken individual. He is capable of understanding the hot-blooded Hotaru Haganezuka and cares for others very much as seen when he continues to protect Hotaru against an attack from Upper Rank 5, Gyokko, despite being critically injured.[2]

However, when it comes to his swords, Kozo is very passionate. When Inosuke Hashibira purposefully chips the dual blades he received from him, the swordsmith is furious and berates him.[3]


Rehabilitation Training Arc

Swordsmith Village Arc

Abilities and Powers


  • Kozo and his wife are said to be such a perfect couple, that they even look like each other.[1]


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