Nichika Ubuyashiki

Nichika Ubuyashiki (産 (うぶ) 屋 (や) 敷 (しき) にちか Ubuyashiki Nichika?) is one of the older daughters of Kagaya Ubuyashiki. Along with her sister Hinaki Ubuyashiki, she stayed by his side and died with him.


Like the rest of her family, Nichika had large eyes with pale skin. She wore her short, white hair in a blunt bob with a fringe.

Nichika wore a dark blue kimono with purple flowers and a maroon obi. On the left side of her hair, she donned a yellow ribbon.



First Mission Arc

Natagumo Mountain Arc

Rehabilitation Training Arc

Infinity Castle Arc

Abilities and Powers

As an ordinary human, she doesn’t possess any additional powers or abilities.




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